ADEK Report

In our last ADEK inspection we were delighted to report that we achieved an  'A Band Good' rating. Our inspection showed higher outcomes across all categories including being recognised as 'Outstanding' for our ‘protection, care, guidance and support of students’.


Here are our ratings across the six judgements

Students’ achievements


Students’ personal and social development and their innovation skills

Very Good

Teaching and Assessment



Very Good

The protection, care, guidance and support of students


Leadership and Management

Very Good



Key highlights which supported the rating


  • Students’ achievement is Good in the primary and middle school and Very Good in Nursery and Reception.  English and maths achievement is Good overall; science is Very Good.  Overall, learning skills are Good and Very Good in English, maths and science.


  • Students’ personal and social development and their innovation skills are Very Good overall.  Their personal development is Outstanding.  Their behaviour and attitudes to learning are very positive.  Attendance is Very Good and students’ understanding of well-being is Outstanding. 


  • The quality of the curriculum is Very Good overall.  Curricular choices are Outstanding.


  • The overall quality of protection, care, guidance and support is Outstanding.  Behaviour management is positive and highly effective.  There are thorough systems to identify students with special educational needs (SEN) and gifted and talented (G&T) students.  The pastoral care and guidance for all students is Outstanding.


  • Leadership and Management are Very Good overall.  The inspirational principal and senior leaders have an aspirational vision for all students.  Partnerships with parents are strong.  Facilities are spacious and of a very high quality.

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If you’d like to know more about the Department of Education and Knowledge, who conducts the inspections, click here.


In the last ADEK Inspection, we achieved an \'A Band Good\' rating & \'Outstanding\' for our protection, care guidance and support of students


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