ADEK Report

Thanks to our amazing leadership teams, teachers and parents, we are very pleased to announce that Amity International School received an A Band rating by ADEK, which is amongst the highest ratings given in a first inspection.


Areas of strength were identified as:

  • Our curriculum design and implementation received a very good rating due to its breadth, balance and relevance, with a good focus on literacy and numeracy.
  • Our level of instruction in sailing was rated outstanding and makes a major contribution to the students’ confidence and self-esteem, sense of responsibility and awareness of preserving the natural marine environment
  • The enhancement of the curriculum through a variety of creative and sporting areas.
  • We were recognised for the progress students make in almost all subjects and the positive start made by children in the early years
  • The strategic direction and clarity of leadership was commended.
  • The partnership with parents is very good and every effort has been made to secure parental involvement in the school.
  • Students’ personal development and the provision for care and welfare to ensure their safety and wellbeing was highlighted.
  • The school is a relaxed, calm and productive environment, conducive to learning and has a welcoming atmosphere

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We’re very proud to announce that we’ve received amongst the highest ratings given on first inspection.

We believe in All-round learning. It’s important for children to be developed socially, academically and physically.

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