About our Primary curriculum

Our Primary stage follows the 2014 National Curriculum of England. It’s a broad and balanced curriculum that establishes clear guidelines and standards for subjects, while allowing teachers the freedom to shape the curriculum to their students’ needs. To learn more out our approach from our Vice Principal and Head of Primary Jo Vigneron, please click here



Our vision and goals

  • We strive to help every child to reach their full potential in all areas of their development
  • Academic success is important, but we also believe in developing creative thinkers, problem solvers and children who know how to learn in an environment of mutual respect and enthusiasm
  • Everyone is given a wide range of opportunities to have as many varied and exciting learning experiences as possible
  • We believe in success in all areas of a child’s development. That’s why we provide a wide range of co-curricular provision, which includes a variety of cross-curricular opportunities, sports and performing arts
  • We strive for excellence in teaching and learning. Our highly dedicated staff are committed to achieving the best in all areas of school life for all our children

Key Stage 1

  • The Key Stage 1 curriculum builds on the learning from the Foundation Stage to ensure there is continuation and progression as the children move into more formal lessons

  • Children participate in carefully planned, engaging activities which motivates and develops their love of learning

  • This curriculum is enhanced with trips, theme days and specialist teaching days, PE, Swimming, Library, Music, Arabic (native and non-native), Social Studies

  • Our classrooms reflect the subject being taught and our displays reinforce learning. This allows children to become independent learners by immersion in our English and maths concepts

  • Workshops for parents are offered throughout the year to support home learning in reading, phonics, spelling and maths

Key Stage 2


This is when children begin to acquire more independent learning skills, self-assessment opportunities and time to reflect on their learning. We teach the full range of subjects within the UK National Curriculum:

  • English includes writing, reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Mathematics includes problem solving and reasoning
  • Science
  • History and geography
  • Specialist Teaching
  • Computing
  • Music
  • PE and Swimming
  • Sailing 
  • Modern foreign languages including French or Spanish
  • Library
  • Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies is taught by specialist teachers
  • Moral education


Other areas of learning

  • Children are exposed to a wide range of teaching and learning strategies, including individual, paired, group work, and the opportunity to participate in research activities.
  • Themed days complement our curriculum and you may come across Ancient Egyptians, Vikings, Astronauts and even Oscar winning performers.
  • Children can opt to take peripatetic music lessons and are encouraged to participate in our fantastic school productions.

We believe in all-round learning


To prepare students for an ever-changing, fast-paced world, it’s important to encourage growth in all aspects of their lives. That’s why at Amity International School, we provide an all-round education that allows students to excel intellectually, academically and socially, both inside and outside of the classroom.



Every child takes Arabic, Islamic (for Muslims only) and Social studies weekly, for native and non-native. These classes are taught by specialist and qualified teachers who are approved by ADEK. Classes are taught through a conversation between the children and teacher, and are given Arabic songs and online resources which they can use to support their studies at home. The Arabic department tries their best to ensure the non-native speakers feel confident when sharing sentences with their groups in the class.

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