Everything you need for a successful application

Now that you understand our philosophy and have taken a good look at our school, you might be wondering what’s next. For your convenience and ease of admission, here’s everything we require from you before we can start the process. 


Please ensure you have the below details ready. We prefer soft copies, but can accept hard copies if that is preferred.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us – we’re happy to answer any of your concerns. 


  1. Passport photo of your child
  2. Copy of child’s birth certificate
  3. Copies of parents and child’s passport
  4. Copies of parents and child’s visa
  5. Copies of parents and child’s Emirates ID
  6. Copy of water or electricity bill showing the property ID number
  7. Family book (for UAE nationals only)
  8. Child’s immunisation record
  9. Academic progress report (copy of last school report, in English)
  10. Transfer Certificate (from the previous school)
  11. Court Decision Letter (for overseas students without an Emirates ID)
  12. Copy of Etihad Staff ID (if applicable)

Important notes:

  1. If you are not a resident in Abu Dhabi yet, UAE visas and Emirates ID cards can be submitted later, but are needed before your child starts school. In the absence of an Emirates ID card, please provide the school with a Court Decision Letter as this will allow your child to start school while the Emirates ID is being processed.

  2. For all students joining from outside of Abu Dhabi, Year 3 and above, must provide a Transfer Certificate from their previous school at the beginning of the academic year. If children are joining during the academic year, from outside of Abu Dhabi, a Transfer Certificate from Reception onwards is also required. 


If you’re uncertain of what a Transfer Certificate is or need help with drafting one, please click below.


In this section, we answer all your questions to help ensure you have the correct documents for your application



A Transfer Certificate (TC) is simply a letter from your child’s current school, which gives us important information. The below details what it is and gives you a few format guidelines.


  • A TC must be in English or Arabic and stamped with your current school’s stamp.
  • Depending on the country that you are transferring from, the TC will need to be further attested before it can be submitted. See notes below for requirements by country.
  • All TCs must clearly state which year a student was promoted to at the end of the previous school year. If there are differences across the school systems, please add the equivalent year in Amity to the information.


1. The Transfer Certificate must be on an official school letterhead.

2. The form needs to be completed on the student’s last day of attendance.

3. It must be typed, signed by the Principal and show an official school stamp.

4. The original certificate needs to be presented on the first day of school.



To comply with the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), and to register your child, it’s very important that we receive a Transfer Certificate from your child’s previous school when joining ours. 


  • A Transfer Certificate is not mandatory when students are joining Nursery to Year 1 at the start of the academic year.
  • A Transfer Certificate is mandatory when students are joining Year 2 and upwards, or from Reception upwards during the academic year.  



Full name of child

Date of birth

Date of enrolment at your child’s previous school

Class to which he/she was admitted:

  • (i)  Present class

  • (ii) Year group/grade completed    

  • (iii) Year group/grade promoted to            

Date the child left the school

Previous school curriculum

School stamp and signature


Children transferring within UAE emirates must have their original certificates attested only by the Education Authority of the origin of the TC.


Children coming from GCC (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar & Oman) must have their original certificates attested only by the Education Authority from the country of TC origin.


Children from all other countries, with the exceptions of the USA, Australia, Canada, Western Europe and New Zealand, should have the original Transfer Certificate (TC) attested from the country where the TC is issued by:

  • Education Authority
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • UAE Embassy

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