Our leadership team

 Our leadership teams are committed to delivering outstanding, engaging and challenging learning experiences and environments for all of our students. They work together closely and collaboratively to achieve this.
 Amity believes in an open door policy, where our leaders are integrated into the everyday lives of students. In fact, each day our leaders are seen at pick-up and drop-off points, giving parents easy access and the opportunity get to know them. 


Who is part of the team?

Our Academic Leadership Team is led by our Principal, Adrian Frost. He is joined by Jo Vigneron, our Vice Principal and Head of Primary, Charlie Carter, Head of Secondary and Julie Engles, Head of Foundation Stage.

We also have a strong Administrative Leadership team which includes our Registrar, Head of Marketing, Head of Operations, Head of Finance and Government Relations Executive.

Adrian Frost


In July 2019 Adrian Frost became Principal, previously he was Founding Head of Secondary and Vice Principal. Before he joined Amity he was Deputy Head Master and Vice Principal of Brighton College, Abu Dhabi for three years. In the UK he held management positions at some of the world’s leading academic and celebrated schools, including St Paul’s Girls School, London, Magdalen College School, Oxford and Brighton College, UK.

In 2014, he left his home in leafy Berkshire where he was Director of Scholarship at Bradfield College to move to Abu Dhabi with his wife and two children. He shares the Amity values and beliefs that education is something done ‘with’ our students not ‘to’ them.

“Amity is a remarkable place. Students thrive here because they are curious, enthused and actively involved in their learning, both within and outside the classroom. In order to thrive both personally and professionally, educators need not only to help students to be literate, numerate and articulate, but also creative, adaptable, possessing of independent thought and self-governance.”

Adrian has a diverse range of interests, including rugby and sailing. However, his chief passion is music. Having previously held the post of Academical Clerk during his undergraduate years at Magdalen College, Oxford University, where he graduated with honours in Biological Sciences, Adrian has had the privilege of singing at various prestigious venues around the world and has recorded and performed for radio, film and television with a range of vocal ensembles. His passion for arts and education has undoubtedly followed him to Amity, where he believes in developing an all-round learner.    

“Students must be given the opportunity to develop the technological, global and emotional literacy required in their later studies and careers. Most importantly though, we culture a relaxed, family feel in the school to promote the happiness and resilience that is fundamental for success, and this culture is core to our school ethos.”

Jo Vigneron


Jo has a wealth of experience gained within teaching and operations from outstanding schools in the UK and the UAE. Having previously been a founding Vice Principal who opened and operated two of Abu Dhabi’s most successful schools: British International School and Brighton College. Jo is no stranger to the region nor the complexities of senior management in large schools.

As Head of Primary, Jo takes overall responsibility for ensuring excellence in all areas including academics, sporting, pastoral and the creative and performing arts. She leads the Primary School’s strategic direction, overseeing the implementation of the School Development Plan as she drives Primary forward onto the next stage of its exciting development.


Charlie Carter


Charlie joins Amity to lead the Secondary School at a very exciting time. He has a wide range of knowledge and understanding of UK education systems locally, and privileged experience from being a member of the Senior Leadership Team of arguably the highest academically performing Senior School in the UK: the North London Collegiate School. Drawing on his own experience of scholarship as well as that from his varied teaching experience, he is the perfect Head of School to mandate ambitious standards from all students and staff. His focus will be on ensuring the provision of a world-class education for the students in the Secondary School based on Amity’s clear values and moral purpose. As the Head of the Secondary School, he will be responsible for the coaching and mentorship of the expanded leadership and management in the school. Although, the school will have a greater distributed responsibilities, Charlie will assume overall responsibility for ensuring that all teaching and learning is of the highest standard and that pupils’ achievement is supported within a caring, student-centered environment in which well-being remains the highest priority.  

Julie Engles


Julie Engles enters her third year as a member of the Senior Leadership Team and Head of Foundation Stage at AIS. Julie has BA Honours degrees in both History and Psychology as well as a PGCE and Qualified Teacher Status. She has over ten years’ experience in a variety of different Early Years’ educational contexts, both in the UK and in the UAE. Julie has an excellent knowledge of current best practice and is passionate about teaching and learning in the Foundation Stage. The quality of teaching and learning in the Foundation Stage was recognised as an overall strength for  Amity at the last inspection. 

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