Amity Refer-a-Friend Reward


Get 4% back on 2021/2022 school fees for every new family you introduce to Amity 


As a way of saying thank you for your contribution to the Amity Community, starting from this month of February 2021, we would like to offer you a 4% discount on next year's tuition fees, for every family that you introduce to our community.


As parents of this school, you know what Amity is about. You know how passionate, caring and capable our teachers are, You know how much your child has grown in their care and, most importantly, you know how happy your child is going to school every day. You, our parents, are our best ambassadors. We appreciate your valuable support, especially during these challenging times.




Here is how it works


  1.     Complete the Referral Form with the details of the new family.
  2.     The new family will receive an email with a link to complete the application for their child.
  3.     Receive your Referral Card once the new child(ren) has successfully enrolled.
  4.     Present your Referral Card to the school cashier to redeem your discount.



Terms and conditions of this programme

  • The Referrer must be a parent with children attending Amity International School.
  • Referrals must be submitted online prior to registration and admission of the new child(ren).
  • The Referral Reward is calculated on the tuition fees of the eldest child of the Referrer.
  • The Referral Reward is given as school credit redeemable within 1 year. School credit can be utilised as fee remission or facility rental (where available).
  • Where fees are paid for by a third party or have already been paid in full, a cash-back option can be availed.
  • The Referral Reward is paid once the referred child has successfully applied (as per school admission policies and procedures), settled their Term 1 fees and attended at least 6 weeks of term. 
  • The referred child cannot be from the same family.
  • Multiple referrals of the same new family will be rewarded on a first-referral, first-reward basis.
  • Referrals made prior to the programme launch will not be considered.
  • Referral Rewards are payable only to the referring parent and cannot be transferred to others.
  • Referral Rewards can be in conjunction with any other discount.


For more information:

Ms Naomie Etheridge

School Registrar


Tel: +971 2 503 9003









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