A warm welcome from Julie Engles, the Head of Foundation Stage


We nurture and support each and every one of our youngest learners, helping them to explore, investigate, discover and create. Our teachers are friendly, caring, and provide outstanding educational opportunities and experiences – all based on the world-renowned Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Simultaneously, we enable young children to learn about UAE culture, traditions and language.


Did you know?

Studies have shown that children who are educated in their early years have a greater breadth of educational opportunity.

We want to offer these life-changing opportunities to all children at Amity International School from the very beginning of their education.


More about our curriculum 

The curriculum aims to enable every child to reach their full potential in all areas of their learning and development. Our Early Years programme is based on the English Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, while also reflecting the culture and heritage of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.  The framework gives a clear picture of the way in which we help our Nursery and Reception children to learn, including how we assess your child’s progress and the expected levels your child should reach by the end of Reception. These are called the Early Learning Goals.


In Foundation Stage children are taught in bright, modern, well-resourced classrooms with Smartboard technology and access to iPads. The Early Year Foundation Stage curriculum is delivered through a multi-sensory, play-based approach. We have our own Nursery and Reception Hall, PE room and library all located within the department. All classrooms open onto outdoor areas so our young learners have easy access to engaging and enabling indoor and outdoor environments. These also act as an extension of the classroom, which allow children to access a wide range of learning opportunities every day.


The Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) has 7 areas of learning and development:


  1. Personal, social and emotional development

  2. Communication and language

  3. Physical development

  4. Literacy

  5. Mathematics

  6. Understanding the world

  7. Expressive arts and design


The curriculum is delivered through an exciting range of topics which enable children to develop their skills in all seven areas.


Learning is enhanced through trips to local sites such as Mushrif Park and visits by those who serve our community such as the Fire Service. Children in Foundation Stage have the opportunity to participate in high quality performances for parents such as the Flag Day Parade, National Day celebrations, concerts and class assemblies.


Lunch time is a happy, sociable time in the EYFS. In both Nursery and Reception, children eat their lunch in their classrooms with their friends, teacher and teaching assistant, which helps to promote good manners, independence and social skills. We promote healthy eating and we encourage Nursery and Reception children to bring a packed lunch with a variety of healthy foods.



If you have any queries, please contact any of our Nursery and Reception Leadership Team members. We are happy to assist.  


Studies have shown that children who are educated in their early years have a greater breadth of educational opportunity.




Every child in the Foundation Stage enjoys weekly Arabic lessons taught by specialist teachers in an engaging, hands-on manner. Foundation Stage Arabic is taught through songs, games, art and other practical activities. Our Arabic teachers in FS are specialist teachers who are experienced in working with very young children.



We hope to transform our students into confident and successful readers and writers. Our students experience a language-rich environment and are exposed to a wide range of high-quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We use our daily Circle Time sessions to encourage children to become active listeners and to take part in class and group discussions as confident communicators.


We give students plenty of opportunities to develop their fine motor skills, which support the development of their writing skills. Early intervention and support is given to any of our students experiencing difficulty in any aspect of their reading or writing development.


In FS1 and FS2, students are taught phonics through the highly-regarded Letters and Sounds programme from the UK. Letters and Sounds is delivered in phases and incorporates reading and writing. It is the first lesson taught every day. In FS1, students are encouraged to start working within Phase 1 in the first term and will engage in learning the initial sounds as soon as they are ready. In FS2, students will be split into learning groups to ensure progression. Teachers also plan for early reading knowledge and skills to be developed through Guided Reading teaching sessions. This enables children to read texts independently.


Reading Books and Home Learning are sent home weekly for all children in the Foundation Stage. Children also visit the FS Library every week to hear a story being read, and to change their Library books.


Throughout the year we host many Book Fairs as well as World Book Day, assemblies and more. We hold Phonics Workshops for parents to help them to support their child’s learning at home. All Parents are warmly invited to contribute and take part in these events. We seek to work in partnership with you to ensure the best outcomes for your child.



To develop early numeracy skills in the Foundation Stage, we inspire confidence and a love of Mathematics in all our students. We do this by allowing our children to explore early mathematical concepts through practical, hands-on and fun-filled activities. 


This enables them to understand numeracy concepts using everyday language and to apply their learning to real-life problems in various ways. As a school, we use the well-respected Abacus Mathematics toolkit created by an expert author team in the UK. This has a unique and robust approach, helping us to create inspired and confident mathematicians, while ensuring understanding and progression for every child.

Physical Education


PE is taught by specialists through stories, games, songs and using specialist equipment. We encourage and extend our students’ natural physical abilities, their understanding of a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude towards self-care through a range of exciting and challenging activities in well-planned PE lessons.


Children in the Foundation Stage have their own Sports Day where we celebrate the importance of taking part and having fun.



All children in the Foundation Stage at Amity International School will learn to swim in a weekly swimming lesson taught by our experienced and specialist PE staff. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop early confidence in the water and to ensure our children acquire the necessary competence in this important life skill.

Pastoral care and personal development


The EYFS recognises the importance personal development has in enabling our youngest students to become successful learners and confident individuals. The curriculum aims to give children the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to develop into confident, healthy and independent children capable of making positive choices. 


Circle Time is very important in the EYFS. This is when we consider social and moral dilemmas and tackle subjects such as inappropriate behaviour or being kind to our friends. Children sit together with their teacher and teaching assistant to discuss their thoughts, their feelings and to share responsibilities in a respectful atmosphere. Each week we have a ‘Star of the Week’ which is given for effort, kindness or good manners and this is presented in our Assembly. We use an Early Years based reward system as well as stickers to help build confidence and a positive sense of self.

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