Work, play, grow

Our co-curricular programme and clubs aim to provide students with activities that interest, stimulate and complement their academics. We believe that when students challenge themselves creatively, physically and academically, they develop important skills, learn from valuable experiences and strengthen their intellectual curiosity.

There’s plenty for students to choose from

Students can further explore their academic interests or gain a better understanding and skill set in the creative and performing arts. There’s also a range of school sports, including watersports offered by our on-site sailing centre.

More about our co-curricular programmes

Our programmes take place during and after school, and there are various activities and academic courses that students will enjoy. Anything run by our teachers after school is free.  Programmes run by external providers will need to be paid for.

Take a look at a few of our favourites below. 

For more information on the various types of clubs and co-curricular activities available, please contact the Clubs Administrator by sending an email to <b><a href=""></a></b>




Taught by Ms Carol Wood, Origami is the art of paper folding, often associated with the Japanese culture. Students learn how to construct finished sculptures of various animals and objects using paper. We believe this nurtures their creativity, self-confidence and fine motor skills. 



This course is led by Tamzin Nelson in an interactive IT session. Computers is a key skill for children and adults. By promoting this course at a young age, we help students develop their technological skills, literacy and mathematical abilities. 

Fitness for Fun


Packed with activities to promote fitness in a fun, enjoyable way, this session is led by Nicola Lynn McQuade and promotes focus, flexibility, fitness, co-ordination and endurance. 

Sports Newspaper


This is available for Year 3 to 6 students and is led by Catherine Lynch. Children will read and review different written pieces from local and international sports newspaper articles. They will then take photos, write captions and gather information to create their own articles on Amity sporting events. Students will strengthen their literacy, observation, focus, public speaking skills and self-confidence.

Business Enterprise


Alpha Dabasia will equip students with small business skills. During this course students will form a small business model where they will make all the decisions regarding their enterprise – from the name, to the product, how to manage finances and effectively selling to the school community. This is a great course that teaches students self-awareness, literacy, maths, planning, innovation and social responsibility.

Dance for Fun


Dance and movement is all about unlocking our students’ creativity. This fun workshop is led by Michelle Dolly and children learn and explore different kinds of music and dance styles. Focus, flexibility, fitness, co-ordination and endurance are developed during this workshop.

School Production


This amazing art group is led by Lisa Long, Amy Liddle and Autumn Grant. Children work together in small groups to create backdrops and stage props, and also learn and master how to sing, perform the dances, play the drums and get a taste of what it means to have the role of an actor or actress. Essentially, they learn the art of drama and theatre, and in the process, potentially unlock talent they never knew existed.

This is truly a wonderful production that parents, family and friends can enjoy in the auditorium. This year The Lion King will be held in March. 



These take place throughout the school day, during lunch, and after school on set days. The co-curricular plan is driven towards termly concerts and a yearly production. ‘Savannah’ our production for this academic year will be performed in March 2018. In addition to a lead and understudy cast, ‘Savannah’ will showcase a dance troupe, 3 part choir, African drums group and tuned percussion ensemble. 



Students from Key Stage 2 and above will have the opportunity to compete against other schools through inter-house competitions.

Here is a list of Amity’s current competitive sports teams:

  • Girls Football
  • Boys Football
  • Touch Rugby
  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Sailing

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